Home Automation System: Purpose and Types

Remote home control 178895291Advancements in technology over the last century have transferred the home automation system from futuristic science fiction to not only a reality but a necessity. Gone are the days where we watched The Jetsons and marveled at their conveyor belt walkways and robots, and gone are the days where locking a deadbolt or stoking the fire was enough for security and warmth. We’re living in a world where home automation provides convenience and essential security so that your home really feels like your home, so that you can feel entirely comfortable about living there.

Why We Have Home Automation

Home Automation includes everything from the home security system to the electronic door locks, from the garage door sensor to the HVAC system that keeps your home cool or warm according to the season.


The primary reason we have home automation systems is for security. You deserve to feel safe and protected in your home – and who doesn’t? With crime always increasing and intruders taking advantage of the great new advancements in technology, your home needs to be protected. Consulting a professional is ESSENTIAL for home security because they know far more about the details of how to sufficiently protect your home. They’ll tell you that the best home security system will include a combination of manual locks, automatic locks, and electronic locks on all entrances to your home including doors, windows, and garage door. They’ll also suggest security lighting, motion sensors, and possibly video surveillance. But more importantly, they’ll tell you that your system should be set up so that no matter where you are, you are connected to your home – you’ll be able to find out what’s going on when you’re not at home, whether it’s checking the video feed or receiving alarm alerts immediately to your laptop or mobile device. Home automation technology allows you to be able to control the security of your home in whatever way you desire so that you, your loved ones, and your property and possessions are protected as they should be.


Senior couple looking at a mobile tablet 477254817One of the most amazing benefits of having a home automation system is that provides invaluable conveniences to make your life more pleasant. Some systems can even be set to sense not only when a person walks into a room but who the person is, and the room will adjust the lighting, temperature, music, and other features according to that person’s chosen settings. For the whole family, home automation means having the convenience of programming the system and then never having to adjust it. (And some are so convenient that they can learn from your behaviors rather than needing to be programmed!) It means not having to worry about everyday tasks because your home will take care of them for you. It means not having to stress about the little things and being able to focus on what’s more important and more pressing in your career and personal life. And it means having fun! Ask a professional to help you figure out how to program your system to automatically set your home for pleasure, whether it’s fantastic audio visual settings for an epic movie theater experience or a little mood lighting and music for a romantic dinner and night in.

Types of Home Automation

Home automation systems can be classified into three main categories: power line systems, wired systems, and wireless systems.

Power Line Home Automation Systems

With power line systems, the system is set up to utilize the power lines that are already running through your home, providing security and home automation with what’s already there. These are the least expensive systems and may be sufficient for your needs, but obviously, a more advanced system will have more benefits and perks to offer you.

Wired Home Automation Systems

1254480_84097959As the name suggests, wired systems involve putting in wired cables to set up the system. These can be installed in any home by a trained professional and can be set up so that all the wiring comes together to one point rather than having each system run into one separate source in various places in your home. Installing wired home automation allows you more flexibility in selecting what exact benefits you want from your new system, and the wiring makes your system highly reliable. However, putting entirely new wiring through your existing home can get expensive.

Wireless Home Automation Systems

A wireless system is convenient in that it doesn’t require putting in new wiring. These systems are often compatible with WiFi and other networks already in the home.


In addition to the above three types, there are subtypes of automation systems. There are artificial neural networks, which are built to recognize patterns. There are human machine interfaces, in which you input or program the information you want it to know and it responds accordingly. And there are more types. With technology improving daily, you’re guaranteed to find that there’s a system out there that will work for your home—and if there’s not one yet, there will be soon.

Multigenerational family in kitchen 83590572No matter which type of home automation system you get for your home, you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t have it installed earlier. Home automation systems provide countless benefits, most significant of which include great conveniences for everyday living and the knowledge that you and yours are safe and secure in your home. You can help your home to become truly yours by giving it the tools to know just how it can best help you, and in doing so, you’ll grow to love the way it runs and the way it blesses your life. Call a professional at 866-565-4305 for more information on how you can improve your home and quality of life with home automation.